About Us

Malleable Company was established in October 1965 for manufacturing all casting parts and various kinds of metal products. Executive operations lasted until March 1969 and the company came into operation from April 1969.

Malleable Company was managed by private stockholders until 1979. The company was then transferred to National Iranian Industries Organization (NIIO) in 1979, and its first managers took over affairs on 12 October 1980. In December 1984, all shares of the company were transferred to Industrial Development and Renovation of Iran (IDRO), and was subsequently excluded from the category of companies under the Protection Act. This private stock company was turned a public company in 1991 and all of its shares were transferred to SAIPA Automobile Manufacturing Group. In 1996, 49% of its shares were transferred to IDRO. In 2015, SAIPA transferred all of its shares in Malleable SAIPA Co. to Mega Motor Co. in Iran Fara Bourse (IFB).

The headquarter and factory are located on the 15th km of Shahid Lashgari Highway (Karaj Special Road) in front of SAIPA Co. The factory with a ground area of 100573 m2 is owned by the company, and the superstructure area of the factory amounts 37065 m2.
The operation license of the factory has been issued for producing 20000 tons of parts. By executing several projects and development plans such as the purchase and installation of a new DISA casting line, cast iron and aluminum smelting furnaces, and purchase and installation of CNC machines in the past years, the company has been able to significantly increase its production rate so that the company has currently a cast iron casting capacity of 52.6 tons and produces 450 aluminum cylinder heads in the aluminum casting unit, and 1893000 homogeneous automotive and industrial parts machined in the CNC machining units.
Given the parts needed by SAIPA Automobile Manufacturing Group, Malleable Company mainly focuses on the manufacture of domestic products. However, due to appropriate technical knowledge in this company, exports are always among the main strategies, which are currently undergoing through exporting casting parts.


Four shot blasting machines

Two cleaning and engine block decorating lines

Casting lines

 DISA I and DISA II (2013) casting lines with a casting rate of 300 to 400 molds per hour and 4-, and 8-ton melt pourers470×600

BMD I (790×890.25) and BMD II (740×890.300) casting lines with a casting rate of 60 to 100 molds per hour and 4-, and 8-ton melt pourers